Robert Buchner
Bogenstr. 41
GERMANY - 90537 Feucht

Phone: +49 (0) 9128 9233-01
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Managing director Robert Buchner (in the middle).

Remanufacturing Exchange

                    A new name - an approved concept

Rem-Ex was founded in November 2004 as a remanufacturing service station.
We (re-)manufacture at the location Feucht near Nuremberg in Germany.
As confirmed in the company name (Rem-Ex – Remanufacturing Exchange Units),
the enterprise is an expert for the reprocessing and renewal of motor vehicle and
commercial vehicle spare parts. The product range includes the repair of wear parts
like water pumps, clutches, clutch plates, brakes, starters and generators for
commercial vehicles inclusively akin aggregates.

Of course the same also applies to veteran/exotic cars, but in a special way:
Because besides the expertise, the love of the automobile also plays a role.

Frequently it is not only all about the overhaul of machines. It is all about the survival
of "rare species!" As to this our team has a 20-year know-how in the
reprocessing/repair – special it is about water pumps and clutches.

Low costs by remanufacturing

Eco-friendly – and often better than the original

Price advantages result from remanufacturing – up to 30% compared with new parts!
The natural resources with respect to raw materials and energy are conserved – an advantage for the environmental awareness.

Another advantage of the remanufacturing: The weak-points analysis of the original part. Because "original" means not alone error-free.
The part can be improved decisively during the remanufacturing. Aim of the remanufacturing is to be as good as the original – or even better.

Moreover, the prevention of a monopoly of the car manufacturers is positive for you as a consumer.
So you still can be pleased about spare parts even then, if the manufacturer no longer ensures the delivery.

                 © Rem-Ex – your specialist for exchange aggregates of commercial vehicles, veteran cars, exotic cars, boats, construction vehicles and many others.